Web geeks who seriously love civics

Our Mission

We provide cities and towns with unlimited support to help them maintain up-to-date, accessible, and engaging websites.

Our Vision

As the closest level of government to citizens, cities and towns play a critical role in fostering civic engagement. We create digital tools to help local governments inform, connect, and engage with their constituents.

From The Founder

We solve problems with a "yes, and" not a "yes, but"

Maybe it started with the "Citizenship in the Community" merit badge, or maybe it was waiting up on that Tuesday night years ago to see if my father won the election for city mayor, but either way, I still have a passionate interest in local government—how it works, how it affects people, and how close it was to me. As a son of a public servant and an Eagle Scout, I know that local government is incredibly important to the foundations of democracy. Most people usually have their first meaningful interaction with "government" at some local level: city, school district, or county; however, higher levels of government usually receive the majority of news and media attention. State and Federal governmental units have the budgets and staff to do so much to connect with citizens, but smaller units of government still need to engage their constituents and may not have the resources to do an effective job.

My company is working to change that. We created software that allows our municipal partners to maintain their own website and engineered a process to let them leverage as much support from us as they need. Partnership is our main goal when we start working for a new city or town. Because we offer unlimited support for our client's website, they will never have to hear "you need to sign a change order" or "I will need to prepare a quote for that" when it comes to their website. I invite you to partner with us for your city or town's website project and experience the joy of hearing "yes, and."